Collection AW22

Stretch Cut

"Don't wake me up, I like the feeling of being free in the ocean, surging and dissipating like waves on my body."
The collection Stretch Cut all started from Xu's childhood dream of the ocean - He lived in north of China where is far away from the seaside. The ocean to Xu was a sweet dream. He used this collection to discuss the interaction of the human body with water, expressing his feeling of the ocean, and extended to the sea creatures. Xu wants champion the incorporation of futuristic and masculine traditional tailoring, by creating this menswear collection. The designer applied the kirigami - a variation of origami, and bionic approach to transforming the fabric, subtly softening and stretching the original silhouette. By laser-cutting regular graphics, the woven fabric can be stretchable that brings comfort and freedom for the wearer. Xu is using this collection to highlight the movement above everything.